2018 The Women of Woodcock BOOK, August Editions

2018 The Women of Woodcock - British Journal of Photography

2018 The Women of Woodcock - AnOther Magazine

2018 The Women of Woodcock - W Magazine

2018 The Women of Woodcock - Telegraph Magazine

2017 The Letting Go - Square Magazine

2014 Lady into Hut - SMBH

2014 Lady into Hut - Ladies Only

2014 Lady into Hut - HUNGRY STILL, bjp review

2011 The Letting Go - Uncertain States broadsheet




2019 Lady into Hut - The Fight - Kunstgenerator, Geneva, Switzerland

2019 BL!P - Empire II, Museo de Arte Contempráneo de Oaxaca, Mexico

2019 209 Women, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

2018 209 Women, Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament

2018 Pure has Nothing to do with Clean, Angus Hughes Gallery, London

2018 We Feed The World, Bargehouse, London

2018 BL!P, at Rogue Gallery Studios, St Leonards

2018 Corridor Gallery, London

2018 The Women of Woodcock, Moore Gallery, Somerset

2018 BL!P - Tallinn Art Week

2017 BL!P - Empire II, Venice Biennale

2016 The Letting Go/To Guess A Hazard - Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, New York

2016 The Letting Go - The Living Room, London

2015 Lady into Hut - Car Park Show, London

2015 Lady into Hut/To Guess A Hazard - Uncertain States, Mile End Arts Pavilion, London

2015 Lady into Hut - Stare, Labyrinth Photographic, Four Corners Gallery, London

2015 Lady into Hut - Ladies Only, Atelier Cinq, Voies Off, Arles

2015 Lady into Hut - The Fall of the Rebel Angels, Venice Biennale

2015 The Letting Go - Display Gallery, London

2015 The Letting Go - Clubbanger, Updown Gallery, Ramsgate

2014 The Letting Go - Brighton Photo Biennial

2014 Lady into Hut - Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Holland

2014 Lady into Hut - Hungry Still, Quad, Derby

2014 Lady into Hut - Kolga Photo Festival, Georgia

2013 Lady into Hut - Labyrinth Photographic, London

2013 Lady into Hut - Uncertain States, Cass Art, London

2013 Lady into Hut - (multimedia) Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal  

2013 Lady into Hut - (multimedia) Delhi Photo Festival, India

2012 The Letting Go - Carnem, La Cattedrale, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

2012 Lady into Hut - Uncertain States , Espacio Gallery, London

2012 Lady into Hut - Casa Das Artes de Tavira, Portugal

2012 The Letting Go - Firecracker exhibition, London Festival of Photography

2011 The Letting Go - Uncertain States, East Gallery, London

2011 The Letting Go - Featured Photographer, Fire-cracker.org

2011 The Letting Go - Oblong Gallery, London


2018 to present University of South Wales, Lecturer in Photography

2019 Photography Workshop, Photo London

2018 Falmouth University (MA Photography), visiting lecturer

2016 The Portrait, A Document, Natural History Museum, London

2014 The Letting Go - Finding Your Within, workshop author

2013 UCA University for Creative Arts, Farnham (BA Photography) - tutorials

2012 UWE University of West England (BA Photography) - visiting lecturer

2012 Coventry University (BA Photography) - Senior Lecturer in Photography, winter term

2012 The Letting Go - Symposium, Private to Public, London Festival of Photography

2012 Nottingham Trent University (BA Photography) - visiting lecturer

2012 Arts University College at Bournemouth (BA Photography) - visiting lecturer

2011 The Letting Go - Roof Unit, London, Slideshow and Talk

2011 The Letting Go - National Photography Symposium ,Newcastle

2011 The Letting Go - Roof Unit vs Contact Editions, London, Slideshow and talk

2011 The Letting Go - ASA Collective, London, Slideshow and talk

2011 The Letting Go - The Women's Library, Metropolitan University, London. 'From the Private to Public' Seminar examining the motivations, both conscious and unconscious, of putting very personal work in the public domain.

2011 The Letting Go - Firecracker, Applestore, London. Slideshow and talk